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Stakeholder Engagement: Live & die by your stakeholders

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

We talk about them, we plan to talk with them and we are often unsure of what they think of a change. These are our Stakeholders. The success of your change initiative is based on how well you engage and bring your stakeholders long The Change Journey. Period. Start early and keep identifying every last one of your stakeholders, especially those with influence and an adverse view of your change. These are the stakeholders to bring into your 'boat.' The more stakeholders in your 'boat', the easier the change. In fact, you can even have your stakeholders create communication, learning and other materials to ensure the success of the initiative. Once aligned with your vision, they will want to help.

How do you engage these stakeholders? Take the time to understand what they see as the change, and adjust only as needed. Remember to reflect on their personality style, their aspirations and their view of the future. It's your job to align these so their support is easy for them. Also, assess the effectiveness of their organization today and share how the change initiative fits into their future vision.

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