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About Us

Hello I’m Kim Goodwin!

Transformational-Change Management Consultant & Executive and Team Coach

Inspiring Excellence for Leading Change

I am a energetic and accomplished organizational changer, builder, and fixer with extensive experience across various industries. As a passionate advocate for excellence in leading change, I specialize in Transformational Change Management and Team Coach, guiding people, processes, and technology towards achieving organizational visions.

I leverage my neuroscience insights and business expertise to empower leaders, teams, and individuals through my coaching approach which combines strategic influence to drive measurable results, employing data-driven organizational development and effectiveness strategies to create lasting impact.

Awards and Ceritfications

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Welcome to Goodwin Solutions

Creating Transformational Change with Data-driven Business Strategies, Neuroscience-based Development, and Expert Coaching.

At Goodwin Solutions, We believe in Inspiring Excellence for Leading Change! our team brings a wealth of experience across various industries. As passionate advocates for excellence in leading change, led by the dynamic Kim Goodwin.

As a thought leader, Kim Goodwin's strategic influence and use of data-driven organizational development strategies drive measurable outcomes. Her expertise is harnessed to empower leaders, teams, and individuals to conquer challenges, embrace growth, and excel in today's dynamic landscape.

How It Started

After years of management consulting and internal organizational development leadership roles, I realized my passion was grounded in 'all things people' - enabling leaders of all levels and helping people embed new ways of working. I knew I could have more impact by engaging leaders and companies at pivotal junctures, providing the right level of executive team coaching and leadership development, through large transformational change management. Thus, Goodwin Solutions was born.

What We do

We listen, ask questions and collaborate with clients to develop new ways of working and embed them into 'how things are done around here'. I keep it simple. I focus on you, as my client, achieving real results.

How We do it

I start by understanding your strategy and what success looks like. I work with you to paint that picture and set a practical approach to achieving that vision. I diagnose the current state and create a plan for the future state, whether it be a large transformational change, a new organizational structure or culture, or one leader's development. I drive toward unleashing people's potential.

We Count with a Accomplished Team with Cross-Industry Expertise:

At GoodwinSolutions, our team boasts a rich history of successfully collaborating with clients across diverse industries. Come be a part of our accomplished team and benefit from our wide-ranging experience and expertise.

Questions About My Methodology
and Solutions?

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