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Data-driven Business Strategies, Neuroscience-based Development, and Expert Coaching.

Reach New heights with Transformative Change Leadership

Solutions for HR Professionals and Business Leaders

Unlock Your Organization's Full Potential with Expert Coaching and Advisory Solutions  

Drive culture change, lead with confidence, and deliver impactful results with Kim’s Expertise

  • Develop and implement effective organizational strategies

  • Foster a culture of growth and adaptability

  • Enhance leadership capabilities and build high-performing teams

  • Navigate complex transformations with confidence

  • Drive innovation and impactful results for the public good


Achieve Transformative Change in These Areas

Empowered Leadership

Kim's executive coaching helps business leaders enhance their leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and overcome obstacles hindering their growth

Transformational/Change Management

With a focus on organizational and team-centric change management, Kim ensures strategic decisions are effectively implemented, leading to successful transformations and sustainable results.

High-Performing Teams

Through team and leadership development, Kim transforms ineffective teams into cohesive, goal-oriented units, fostering a positive culture where strengths are appreciated and utilized.

Measurable Results and Lasting Impact

Our approach is rooted in data-driven strategies, ensuring that our clients achieve measurable results and create lasting impact. With our guidance, individuals and organizations can confidently embrace change and seize new opportunities.

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Goodwin Solutions-Icons-05 2.png

Why Goodwin Solutions

We believe in Inspiring Excellence for Leading Change

At GoodwinSolutions, we understand the complexities organizations face in today's ever-changing landscape. We bring a wealth of expertise in organizational development and coaching to help you conquer your unique challenges.

About Kim Goodwin

Kim Goodwin is an energetic and accomplished organizational changer, builder, and fixer with extensive experience across various industries. She specializes in Transformational Change Management and guides people, processes, and technology to help organizations achieve their objectives. Kim is a trusted advisor and coach to leaders, teams, and individuals, using neuroscience insights to unlock their full potential. She employs data-driven strategies to drive measurable results and create lasting impact.

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Our Services


Transformation and Change Management

Embrace change and master resilience! Unlock excellence and achieve lasting success with a comprehensive change strategy:

  • Strategic assessment

  • Leverage leadership

  • Identify strengths 

  • Effective communication


Organizational and Team Development

Lead an effective organization!

Experience a holistic approach that covers solid process improvement and the essential people aspects with Kim Goodwin as your partner:

  • Team-building solutions

  • Results-oriented learning

  • Knowledge management


Executive and Team Coaching

Unlock the potential within you! Conquer your professional and personal goals with confidence by unleashing your potential and the power of your teams:

  • Strategic plan

  • Accountability partner

  • Empowering journey

Trust Our Accomplished Team with Cross-Industry Expertise:

At GoodwinSolutions, our team boasts a rich history of successfully collaborating with clients across diverse industries. Come be a part of our accomplished team and benefit from our wide-ranging experience and expertise.


Food and agriculture

Aerospace and defense


Financial services




Consumer Goods

Leading Pharma Company

Leader Clinical Trials / Digital 

“Kim has a remarkable ability to rally the troops and facilitate teams through their growth path. Her Organizational Development skills go above and beyond and her coaching aptitudes leave no one indifferent”

Capital Management Firm


"Kim is very experienced and capable in leading large scale global change projects and navigating complex systems implementations . She flexes her approach and always considers the cultural differences of organizations and stakeholder preferences."

Construction Company

Owner & CEO 

“Crucial in guiding us to the next level. We all look forward to our next coaching session. Thank you for working hard and helping our company grow.”
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